Erest: Starting Campaign

Session 7: Shopping and Plots

Players: Daniel R, Daniel I, Megan, Dannii, Jeff, Lanni, Brad, Lee

The party made their way under guard escort in Armadell, noticing that the city itself was quiet, even for the time of night and heavily guarded. They were escorted to the Oiled Spleen, an inn where they could stay for the night. After a performance from Allirin, they managed to get free accommodation and food. 

Through various conversations they learnt that the innkeeper, Sappha Highstout, was the sister of a certain Roscoe of the Crossed Spears in Ravenwind. They learnt that she was once an adventurer and that Armadell was a tough place, isolated from Ravenwind. Dangerous but highly lucrative, but only those who had a chance to make decent coin actually stayed here. People looking for luxuries stayed in Ravenwind or Bearmeadow.

The next morning the party spent several hours visiting various stores through Armadell. After managing to get various things, including studded leather armour for Skamos and Evie and a hand crossbow for Alirrin they finally (After what Gwendolen would say was an eternity), headed out, first south to get to an arcane travel sight that they found out about from Belmor, a dwarf who ran the arcane store.

After activating them they headed into the desert towards where the map said the bandit hideout was. They soon came across it, sneaking up on the campsite in front of it where a few sentries were. Skamos sent one straight to sleep and the party quickly dispatched of the rest. Sneaking ahead Elysandre checked the path was safe but in trying to sneak into the room as spotted and combat occurred. The orcs quickly closed in but Elysandre was able to disengage and get out of the way. The front orcs were quickly decimated so the others ran off to grab help. 

The party regrouped and made their way into a tiny corridor which lead to a room, where many orcs were featuring. With minimal space to work with the party sent a few melee characters in first but they were quickly overwhelmed and the party fell back just in time to the start of the area, waiting for the orcs to approach. Eventually they did, a couple of the smaller ones dying quickly, but soon a big fight took place with every member under attack. Both Gardain and Skamos fell temporarily, and Gwendolen took so much damage she lost her 2nd beast shape. 

But the orcs started to fall too and the war chief offered them a deal in exchange for its life. The party decided not to take up the offer and battled on, despite the fact they were all very close to death. But the gamble paid off as they managed to take down the orcs without anyone dying. They soon looted the hideout, finding a chest full of notes which said the plan:

Await Yuan-Ti, they will take and hide the relic in their secret temple, where it will be picked up and delivered to the intended target. Tell no one.

They also found an additional note on the war chief and this said:

They are coming for you, make sure they don't leave alive.


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