Erest: Starting Campaign

Session 18: Returning to action

Players: Megan, Iles, Dannii, Jeff, Lanni, Brad, DanJar

The party went their separate ways over the next 2 months, with Gwendolen going off into the wilderness to learn how to control her new found werewolf urges. She successfully embraced the werewolf curse and learnt how to change her form at will, managing to hold off the blood lust. Well mostly, full moons are still her hardest struggle. Meanwhile Gardain studied how to mine, finding a Female Rock Gnome named Gordice, who trained him in the way of both finding as well as mining the resources he needed.

Evie meanwhile learnt the ways of a herbalist, female gnome named Jola taking her under her wing and teaching her how to spot plants, safely remove them and then combine them into various formulas and potions. Reginald went off pit fighting, making his way through the cities and earning some decent coin. Elysandre oversaw construction of the new guild hall for the group, with an added Tavern.

Meanwhile Skamos went to a nearby city called Ironshade where he tried to pull off an pretty tough heist. Unfortunately it did not go to plan and he is now wanted in that city. Finally Alirrin made his way to the bard college in the Kangsu and studied the way of making an instrument of the bard, one of the minor ones. He was successfully able to pull this off.

They regrouped at the official opening of their new guildhall were the town of Ravenwind held a big celebration in their honour. Making a decent bar tab for the night (with Gwen making some money on the side thanks for selling some peep shows), a few of the party noticed Wraliann Summerwing enter and talk to the council. They learnt that the Adhond had gone to war with the Ukholo and that Wraliann suspected something was wrong as the war did not make sense. She asked the party to come to Birn Lodur and look into the issue. Evie and Gwen decided to let her know in the morning.

Meanwhile Elysandre received a package from a delivery boy. Inside was a crossbow and a note from her former captain requesting help. The festivities eventually died down, with Skamos persuading Evie to share a bed for the night and whilst those two had a fun night, for Gwen she was having more visions and heard a familiar voice urging help. The party decided that the war was the most important thing to stop, so met with Wraliann and urged her to use the travel stones so they could get to Birn Lodur.

Arriving in a familiar mine, they were told of their 3 targets, military academy head Manak Thunderfist, warlord Nolvar who leads the army and lead military adviser Chinni Skulldancer. They looked into the Goliath Manak first, realising there were not many ways in, they sent in an invisible Skamos who found ways through the ventilation and into the building. Finding a few documents of note, his further investigation was interrupted by some guards. After a few close calls, he managed to make his way out, thanks to some well thrown ball bearings.

They made their way to the next house, Nolvars, with Gwendolen faking exhaustion to get her way inside. She managed to convince the guards, getting put down in the staff bedroom. Finding a way out to the courtyard, she decided instead to change into a rat and search around. After discovering some suspect rooms upstairs and then accidently alerting the guards as she changed back to human form, she changed back into a tiny spider and made her way further in, finding a strange altar and some demons. She managed to sneak back away but ran back into the guards, who she couldn’t fool any longer. She ran as fast as she could back to the main doors, the rest of the party helping her dispatch the guards.

They ran back to Wraliann to inform of her of what they had found. She urged them to come back with her to remove those demons and find out what they were planning. The party paused, considering their next move.


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