Erest: Starting Campaign

Session 11: Stopping the Caravan

Players: Daniel R, Daniel I, Megan, Dannii, Jeff, Lanni, Brad

Our party made their way, attempting to be quiet, through the woods, south of Armadell and then East, eventually heading up slightly to rejoin the road they had been told to follow. As they got to the road they heard the sound of many things marching their way. They quickly scattered to either side of the road, Ervbadhriel climbing a tree to see what was coming. 

On the road was a group of Lizardfolk, some lightly armoured and some more heavily armoured. The bad news for the party was they seem to know something was off. The party tried to hide further, with ErvbadhrielSir Reginald and Gardain managing to hide well enough.  

The party quickly engaged, Gwendolen managing to hide better, while Evie, confident in her tree position to give her cover, started firing and with the help of Elysandre (who was ducking in and out of cover) taking down one scout before it knew what had happened. The rest closed in but struggled to hit the party from the long range. With them now closer, Gwendolen used her druidic magic to cast a wall of wind, sending 5 lizardfolk flying, leaving many of them very hurt. The wall also meant the lizardfolk had to get around it to do ranged attacks, splitting them up further.

 Sir Reginald engaged now, taking down one scout and soon after another. The party continued to get the better of the combat, avoiding most attacks, with Gardain also entering combat with the now dire wolf Gwendolen. The tables soon turned in the top battle, with one of the guards managing to shield bash over Sir Reginald and its scout sneaking attack for a critical hit that left the dragonborn unconscious. Ervbadhriel soon took both of them out, clearing the top battle, but with a dying Dragonborn in need of critical aid.

The bottom battle continued on, with blows being traded. Gardain took out one of the bottom ones, whilst managing to keep most of the attacks focused on him and blocking a good chunk of them. The top line archers started redirecting their fire, killing one as they raced to the aid of  Sir ReginaldGwendolen's dire wolf form killed one of the lizardfolk and Gardain took care of the last remaining lizardfolk, with Alirrin healing the Dragonborn before he left this world permanently.

They checked the bodies and found that they all had nothing extra on them besides their weapons and armour they were using and realized that they were marching with a bigger force and the caravan itself. With Skamos joining the party, the quickly spread out into two squads, one up top (Reginald, Evie, Elysa and Alirrin), one at the bottom (Skamos, Gwen and Gardain) and let the caravan and troops move through the road, succesfully hiding until they were roughly between them and then they struck, with Skamos taking down one of the magic shamans in one shot.

Gwendolen sent in another wind wall, knocking four away, although a couple of them managing to hold their balance this time. This again split the lizardfolk in half, with the second shaman using magic to heat up Gardain's armour, burning him and distracting him, causing him to be knocked prone soon after.  The battle raged on with hits on all sides and the Shaman soon conjured up a Giant Constrictor Snake to help which managed to kill Ervbadhriel's wolf whilst Sir Reginald took down one of the lizardfolk. 


As many of them surrounded Gwendolen, she unleashed a Thunderwave, killing three Lizardfolk who were quite wounded.  This turned the battle, with Gardain, after getting back up, taking down two more very wounded lizardfolk, leaving just the shaman nearby for the bottom group. The shaman in desperation conjured another giant snake.  Alirrin used desonate whispers to kill another Lizardfolk for the top group, who were only just holding on, with Skamos from the shadows managing to final finish off the second shaman, removing the giant snakes from the battlefield, with Sir Reginald and Elysandre finishing off the last 2.

Gwendolen managed to calm the horse before it ran away and the party discovered the wagon was full of weapons, armour and food/water. They resupplied all their arrows and food/water supplies and took the horse and wagon into the forest to hide for the night, whilst Skamos took heads off the Shamans to be used later. After a lot of discussion, they decided to leave the wagon and horse and go on foot towards the fort/encampment.

On the way there they encountered another group of lizardfolk who were out searching for the wagon.  Skamos again quickly dispatched one of them whilst Gwendolen cast Call Lightning, instantly killing another and severely hurting the one standing next to it, with the currently building storm in the sky aiding in the spell. That one was quickly finished off by Ervbadhriel

The battle soon intensified, with Skamos resorting to throwing shaman heads. Gwen's lightning claimed another victim and Gardian and Elysandre followed up with a kills of thier own. The battle went quickly from there, with the remaining lizardfolk killed and one captured after some bizarre taunting via shaman head hand puppetry from Skamos. It told them that the fort was defended by a party of lizardfolk, bigger then this force, but the majority of their forces were fighting a battle at Armadell. They also had some pets, including a dinosaur. Their leader was also currently at the base. The party convinced the lizardfolk to lead them there, but it would not join the fight. And they made their way off towards the encampament…


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