Erest: Starting Campaign

Session 1: Meeting and Brawling

Players: Daniel R, Daniel I, Megan, Dannii, Jeff

In the first session our player started in the Crossed Spears Inn and met with Olawynn Dolana who asked them to find her necklace which was stolen during the murder of her father. Olawynn described the necklace as a gold chain with a ruby studded locket, with her name engraved on the back.  Olawynn explained that she had heard rumors that a Forest Gnome by the name of Namfoodle was the last to have the necklace and she asked the players to retrieve the necklace for the reward of 300 gold pieces 

After stopping a street brawl at the Slippery Toad Inn they gained further information on the location Namfoodle, who was described as a sneaky person who trades in information and was reported to be a fence of valuable goods.  The players were told that Namfoodle had been bragging to the patrons of the Slippery Toad Inn that he had previously handled something that was quite valuable.  The players were told that he was last seen heading to the Iron Ore Mine, just outside of town.

On their way to the mine, they came across a female human who introduced herself as Kalnar, a Blacksmith.  She told the players that she was a friend of Namfoodle, and had asked him to deliver a message to her brother in the Iron Ore Mine but he had not returned as expected.  Kalnar asked the players to find Namfoodle and bring him back if possible.

Upon arriving at the Iron Ore mine, they found that several of the miners and Namfoodle had been captured by Kobolds. After rescuing him and the other miners, they learnt that the necklace was delivered to Rolan Agosto, along with a note that confirmed that the necklace was stolen at the time of the murder of Olawynn's father.   After learning more about the the city of Ravenwind, along with a more detailed description of the Council of Ada from Roscoe back at the Crossed Spears Inn,  they then confronted Rolan with Olawynn to get back the necklace, but the reasons behind why he received it was unclear. After returning back to the Crossed Spears Inn to work out their next move, they are approached by someone they hadn't noticed who has been watching them.

The journal of the adventure from Skamos Neverseen can be found here

The full voice recording of the session can be found here


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